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Alert!!! - Some websites which are similar to our name "southindiavoyages" with different domain like .net, .in,.fr,.com., etc.,. So don't get confused and please aware of those websites which are not carried on by Murugan and check our website "" only

Alert!!! - Some websites which are similar to our name "southindiavoyages" with different domain like .net, .in,.fr,.com., etc.,. So don't get confused and please aware of those websites which are not carried on by Murugan and check our website "" only


About Murugan

South India (Southern part of India) Tamil Nādu, Pondicherry, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Goa are all located in the Southern part of India.

Driver Murugan

My native place is Madurai, Tamilnadu, South India. I started my carrier as a car driver for the tourists. Yes, I started to drive from 2005. My first tour was started with the foreign tourists from Chennai to Cochin. Later I drove to many guests, who came from different European countries, UK, USA, Malaysia and Singapore too.

15 years completely I drove for the guests and visited with them to all over the tourists attractions of Tamil Nādu, Pondicherry, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Aurangabad, Ajanta and Ellora. I know all nook and corners of South India and know the distance and duration of travelling hours. I got the experience through the visit directly to the tourists’ destinations with the foreign tourists.

In my hard work and dedication, I got lots of guests during the seasons. I am in good position because of the guests wishes and their support too.

Now, I have own fleets of vehicles with an experienced drivers who speak good English and manage French too.

I would like to “Thank” to all my previous guests those are supporting me still.

I started with my email id &, as I did not create the website because of the financial position. Later I save money and made a website in the name on my own earning.

Murugan Work and Service

Specializing in South India, the itineraries of South India of Murugan’s South India Voyages take you off the beaten track to help you experience the undiscovered parts of South India without skipping any of the major highlights. The tours are constructed in such a way that every stay at a city is followed by a few days in natural surroundings.

To avoid the temple-overkill found in other tours, every visit to a temple city is alternated with a visit to a quiet village or a beach. We have striven to find the perfect balance in our itineraries and are convinced we have found it.The tours are designed and, if you wish, guided by Palani MURUGAN, the creator of SOUTH INDIA VOYAGES. Acknowledged expert in languages and cultures of the Indian Subcontinent, having spent years exploring Indian religion, culture, and history through my experience.

The combination of study and extensive experience organizing and running tours in South India make me uniquely qualified to help you arrange your tour or to be your perfect guide for your travel adventure. It doesn’t hurt that his friendly and patient attitudes make him truly an enjoyable companion and an unflappable problem solver.

Murugan’s South India Voyages believes that by facilitating all the details of your tour through Murugan himself, we can provide both the most flexible and dependable itineraries available in the market. With the knowledge and experience available to us, we think we are best positioned to accommodate the needs and wishes of our clients. This also helps us to stay flexible in our ability to meet special needs of individuals, and book the most ideal arrangements for you as you prepare for your trip.

Alert and Aware of fake websites

(Created by cheaters)

Someone easily created the company in the same name to get the enquiry based on my profile and referral.

At New Delhi and Chennai, the name of “Maharajan" and “Shankar” who are also created a website in the same name “southindiavoyages.” My clients are recommending me in the social media, so the new clients search in the google site as “southindiavoyages”. There are appears several websites in the same name. So, the new tourists think that those websites are also mine. Sometimes, If the new clients send mail enquiry to the wrong website and asked “ Is this Murugan company?, they replied “yes”, and said “Shankar is a Manager to Murugan”. This is not true; he is not my manager and no one working and replying on behalf of me.

If the tourists used his service, he will sale your package tour with any one of the sub-contractors (taxi company) at South India. It would be too expensive for you. And the sub-contractor will concentrate on his own clients. The sub-contractor will not take care of you in your whole tour.

Their Chennai and Cochin address are all fakely mentioned.

Please be aware of these companies. Do not actually taken an agency and driver from the North India for a trip to the South India and vice versa.